Handling Customer Complaints - Training Matters Talk Show Episode 29

Handling Customer Complaints

From time to time, a conflict will arise between you and a customer. How do you keep your cool when a customer expresses a complaint? What’s the best way to defuse the situation? Honey Shelton talks to customer service expert Teresa Allen about the types of complaints, where they are rooted, and how to react accordingly to each. Teresa and Honey also discuss the role of social media as an outlet for customer complaints. Tune in if you’re interested in handling customer complaints the right way!

About Our Guest

Teresa Allen is a recipient of the Customer Service Training Practice of the Year Award from the International Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service. She is an internationally recognized customer service expert and has been presenting customer service keynotes and training programs across the U.S. and abroad for over twenty years. Teresa is the author of Common Sense Service: Close Encounters on the Front Lines, and is the co-author of The Service Path: Your Roadmap for Building Strong Customer Loyalty. Currently ranked #1 on the GlobalGurus.org list of global customer service experts, Teresa is ranked in the Top 10 of U.S. speakers by Speaking.com. Teresa is a two-time recipient of the ASTD Professional Trainer of the Year Award.


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