Training Matters Episode 16: How to improve your personal and professional life through performance based coaching

How to Improve Your Life Through Performance Based Coaching

Honey talks to Jennifer Sommers, Loan Officer at The Community State Bank and Karen Butcher, Director of Educational Development at Whitaker Bank. Honey, Jennifer, and Karen all know first hand how performance-based coaching can improve your professional and personal life. Karen and Jennifer were coached by Honey and tell their personal story on how impactful this experience was. Honey expands on the benefits and talks about WDEP, a common tool used in performance coaching.

About our Guests

Karen Butcher has been an educator for over 30 years.  She has been In her current position as Training Director at Whitaker Bank Corporation of Kentucky for 9 years.  Karen is passionate about people development – employees and her own. She has received coaching from various professionals through the years but thinks Honey’s coaching is the most practical and useful.

Jennifer Sommers has been employed at The Community State Bank since 2001. She is a loan officer at The Community State Bank in Poteau, Oklahoma. Always looking for a new challenge, Jennifer has been in many different arenas of the bank including bookkeeping, teller, vault management, new accounts, and lending. Dedicated to learning, she is goal oriented and motivated to do the best she can, while motivating others to the best they can. “I am very thankful to the bank for the opportunities provided to me to grow both as an employee and a person.” – says Sommers.

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