Developing Leadership Skills Across the Workplace - Training Matters episode 27

Developing Leadership Skills Across the Workplace

You don’t develop leadership skills through luck, it takes training, experience, self-learning, and staying on top of best practices. Supervisors must have the right attitude and aptitude to excel in their challenging role but all staff members benefit from developing their own leadership skills and elevate their personal and professional development. Eric Eaton talks about accountability and how he elevated the leadership skills at BankPlus over the past few years. Want to get the leadership in your company to the level you want it to be?

In this episode, Honey and Eric also discuss DiSC assessments. A DiSC assessment is a great tool to better understand yourself and those you work with. Find a suitable DiSC assessment for yourself or your entire team.

About our Guest

Eric Eaton has 12 years of retail banking experience under his belt, with 7 of those from the customer service and branch management side and 5 from the education and development side. He is Vice President and Employee Development Director for BankPlus, a $2.7 billion bank located throughout the state of Mississippi. Eric also creates in-house educational, motivational, and culture videos for the bank. Eric holds a Bachelors of Arts in History from Ole Miss and a Master’s in Communications from Mississippi College.

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