Training Matters episode 18: Myths & Truths of Overdraft Privilege

Myths & Truths of Overdraft Privilege

The myths & truths of overdraft privilege, what are they? What do customers assume it is? What do you tell customers about it? Honey Shelton talks to expert Julie Story about the myths and truths of overdraft privilege. Julie has 28 years of experience in banking and is now Executive Vice President of Pinnacle Financial Strategies. Julie and Pinnacle assist banks and credit unions with anything from reward checking, mystery shopping, SMART Business Banking, and are experts on overdraft privilege. Today Julie will share her expertise on this topic.

About Our Guest

In her role as Executive Vice President for Pinnacle Financial Strategies, Julie is responsible for product enhancements, new product design, launch and product sales/delivery support. In addition, as the creator of the comprehensive SMART Business Banking; Business Development and Sales Skills training program for Community Banks and Credit Unions, she serves as the lead program consultant.

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