Effective Feedback in the Workplace


Giving and receiving effective feedback in the workplace can be hard. Become a pro at feedback with this 21-page whitepaper! Download your free copy now!

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Are you quick to become defensive or fearful when someone says, “we need to talk?” Most of us cringe when feedback pops up at work or in a friendship. Most of us had little coaching or training on how to be effective at soliciting, offering, or receiving feedback. Becoming a pro at feedback is invaluable and this 21-page whitepaper will help you with that!

This 21-page whitepaper is completely FREE and covers:

  • What is feedback
  • Why is feedback important
  • Who needs feedback
  • What’s the impact of feedback
  • 5-step feedback plan
  • Giving meaningful, balanced, and subtle feedback
  • Using the STAR model
  • Dealing with emotional reactions to feedback
  • Giving feedback to a superior or manager
  • How to ask for feedback
  • The right attitude towards receiving feedback