Essential Teller Issues

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Essential Teller Issues is rated the #1 teller training manual. It covers everything from professional maturity to mastering cross-selling in over 80 pages of attention-grabbing advice that every teller needs to be successful at their job. Give your tellers the training manual they deserve!

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Essential Teller Issues is rated the most dynamic teller training manual in the country! All tellers should have a copy of this 100+ page teller training manual and benefit from this high impact learning resource! Essential Teller Issues zeros in on six modules that remind the teller of the importance of what you do, how you do it, what you say and how you deliver customer service.

This teller training manual emphasizes the importance of professional maturity, following procedures, scrutinizing every transaction, providing extraordinary service, mastering cross-selling and balancing! It will be an information-packed, attention-grabbing read for the new and seasoned teller.

Topics covered in Essential Teller Issues:

  1. Professional Maturity
  • Gain Flexibility
  • Polish Your Image
  • Reputation Management
  • Manage Your Emotions
  • Maintain Confidentiality
  • Practice Courtesy & Kindness
  1. Follow Procedure
  • Accuracy and Consistency
  • Handle Cash Like a Pro
  • Robbery Preparedness
  • Vigilant Compliance
  1. Scrutinize Transactions
  • Verification Concerns
  • Check Cashing Guidelines
  • Identification Rationale
  • Examining Endorsements
  • Know Your Money
  • Scams & Fraudulent Schemes
  1. Provide Extraordinary Service
  • Make Their Day
  • What the Customer Wants
  • Effective Communication
  • Five Habits of Highly Successful Tellers
  1. Ace Cross-Selling & Referrals
  • Product Knowledge Proficiency
  • Be Inquisitive, Engaging and Prepared
  • Spot Opportunities; Start Conversations
  • Suggest Solutions; Share Information
  1. Master the Balancing Act
  • Ten Things You Must Do
  • Six Things You Never Do
  • Avoid Outages and Interruptions
  • Halt Transpositions