Essential Teller Issues

Essential Teller Issues zeroes in on six modules that remind the teller how important their job is, how significant their actions are, and how customers should be interacted with. This teller training program is information-packed and attention-grabbing! Tellers will leave this workshop with a renewed commitment to excel on the job. Every attendee will also get a copy of a comprehensive training manual that doubles as a guide for the workplace.

Essential Teller Issues is rated the most dynamic teller training experience in the country! Contact us today if your tellers need to be reinvigorated!


  • Develop professional maturity
  • Best practices for following procedures
  • Robbery preparedness
  • Error-free transactions
  • Spotting schemes and scams
  • Build extraordinary customer service skills
  • Effective communication and conversation starters
  • Master cross-selling
  • Perfect balancing techniques


Our teller training is available as a three-hour evening session, a half-day workshop, or a full day event at your location.


Janice Branch is a Senior Training Consultant and Certified Bank Training Professional (CBTP). She’s been expertly training bank and credit union tellers for almost 25 years. Janice has a degree in Business Administration with a major in Management from Almeda University and is certified by the University of Houston in Leadership and Management. Learn more about Janice and what others say about her.