Managing a Successful Call Center

Maarten Cappaert

This Call Center management Webinar will ensure your internal processes are top-notch and your agents know how to effectively use the technology. Janice will also help Call Center Managers ensure that they have well-trained agents in the Call Center. Agents who execute their responsibilities and duties effectively.

9 Strategies That Will Help You Create a Harmonious Team

9 Strategies That Help You Create a Harmonious Team

People don’t magically start working as an effective team, it takes work from the Supervisor, sometimes a lot! Here are 9 strategies that will help your people work together as a tightly knit unit. Think you’ll need a little more help? Consider hosting Supervisor Boot Camp at your organization! 1. Make Inclusivity Your Rule It’s important to value the uniqueness of …

The Key to Unlock Employee Potential

The Key to Unlock Employee Potential

Dedicated managers want their employees to reach their full potential. They are always on the lookout for ways to accomplish this. We want to share two options that can help you, as a manager, to unlock the full employee potential. Develop the Art of Becoming Nonjudgmental In other words: Avoid criticizing others. Easy for the wise manager. Difficult for the …

Training Matters Episode 16: How to improve your personal and professional life through performance based coaching

How to Improve Your Life Through Performance Based Coaching

Honey talks to Jennifer Sommers, Loan Officer at The Community State Bank and Karen Butcher, Director of Educational Development at Whitaker Bank. Honey, Jennifer, and Karen all know first hand how performance-based coaching can improve your professional and personal life. Karen and Jennifer were coached by Honey and tell their personal story on how impactful this experience was. Honey expands on the …

Gutsy Managers Engage Employees

Gutsy Managers Engage Employees

Drive Results, Engage Employees The most important decision executives make is whom they name as manager, at all levels throughout the company. The pivotal point to drive results sits in the lap of the front-line managers. They are the leaders that have everyday interaction with up to 90% of the workforce. They’re the ones who have to engage employees. Two impactful …