Managing a Successful Call Center

Maarten Cappaert

This Call Center management Webinar will ensure your internal processes are top-notch and your agents know how to effectively use the technology. Janice will also help Call Center Managers ensure that they have well-trained agents in the Call Center. Agents who execute their responsibilities and duties effectively.

Supervisor Boot Camp

Maarten Cappaert

Supervisors need the attitude, aptitude, skill-set, confidence, persistence, and commitment to excel in their multi-tasking, challenging role. Supervisor Boot Camp will help any supervisor bring their expertise to a new level as they learn how to collaborate and coach your employees to excel on the job.

9 Strategies That Will Help You Create a Harmonious Team

9 Strategies That Help You Create a Harmonious Team

People don’t magically start working as an effective team, it takes work from the Supervisor, sometimes a lot! Here are 9 strategies that will help your people work together as a tightly knit unit. Think you’ll need a little more help? Consider hosting Supervisor Boot Camp at your organization! 1. Make Inclusivity Your Rule It’s important to value the uniqueness of …