7 Surefire Ways to Ace Your Performance Review

Maarten Cappaert

Are you starting to feel the stress for your annual performance review? Don’t be! We’ll help you put a top-notch plan in place to ace your evaluation! As with all significant events in life, you know that it’s crucial to be well prepared. Honey Shelton’s seven-step plan will help you develop expertise in self-evaluation, accountability, and staying on purpose. Following this approach ensures that you will be confident and well-prepared to engage in a conversation with your manager.

Choices That Can Stink Up Your Work Reputation

Choices that Can Stink Up Your Work Reputation

Your happiness, success, self-confidence, and quality of life increases when you have a good work reputation.  Like a degree from a university or badge from the Boy Scouts a reputation, be it good, bad, or questionable is earned.  Make a pact with yourself to earn an enviable one. Building a good reputation is important. Maintaining it depends on your choices. There are choices and …

Training Matters Episode 22: Lessons in Body Language with guest Jan Hargrave

Lessons in Body Language

Honey talks to body language expert Jan Hagrave to find out if actions speak louder than words. What impact does body language have on customer interactions? Tune in for an in-depth discussion on the do’s and don’ts, the dead giveaways, and the details to look for when communicating. Learn how to effectively use eye-contact, interpret handshakes, subtle movements, and more in …