7 Surefire Ways to Ace Your Performance Review

Maarten Cappaert

Are you starting to feel the stress for your annual performance review? Don’t be! We’ll help you put a top-notch plan in place to ace your evaluation! As with all significant events in life, you know that it’s crucial to be well prepared. Honey Shelton’s seven-step plan will help you develop expertise in self-evaluation, accountability, and staying on purpose. Following this approach ensures that you will be confident and well-prepared to engage in a conversation with your manager.

The Key to Unlock Employee Potential

The Key to Unlock Employee Potential

Dedicated managers want their employees to reach their full potential. They are always on the lookout for ways to accomplish this. We want to share two options that can help you, as a manager, to unlock the full employee potential. Develop the Art of Becoming Nonjudgmental In other words: Avoid criticizing others. Easy for the wise manager. Difficult for the …

How to Be More Engaging?

How to Be More Engaging

We all want to be that person who can vividly describe ideas and paint colorful pictures with words. It almost seems like magic the way they captivate audiences with their voice. What can you do to become that person? Is it possible to change how others perceive you? It certainly isn’t magic. Here are 4 ways to help you be more engaging. Be Authentic …