What is The Training Institute?

The Training Institute is an organization created by InterAction Training dedicated to setting the standard for individuals responsible for training effectiveness in banks and credit unions.

Our mission is to elevate the competency, knowledge, confidence, and success for bank and credit union training professionals by:

  • Providing curriculum, requirements and standards sensitive to the demands of the industry.
  • Ensuring appropriate feedback be offered to assure quality performance.
  • Recognizing the need for elevating productivity, compliance, professionalism, and quality performance in the industry.
  • Requiring successful completion of each step of the certification process and ultimately passing a five-part knowledge exam and submitting a training program that receives a passing grade.

The Training Institute currently offers two certification programs:

Certified Bank Training Professional™ (CBTP)

Certified Credit Union Training Professional™ (CCUTP)

Required Steps to Certification
  1. Complete InterAction Training’s Train the Trainer Boot Camp Basic Week
  2. Complete and submit each (total of 5) of the A-E Professional Development Model™ assignments
  3. Complete InterAction Training’s Train the Trainer Boot Camp Advanced Week
  4. Pass a five-part knowledge exam of 100 multiple-choice questions
  5. Submit a training program including a leader guide that demonstrates the use of the A-E Professional Development Model.
7 Reasons To Become Certified
  1. Elevate and validate your skills
  2. Complete a course of study you need and deserve
  3. Provide you with credentials that identify your expertise
  4. Become a part of an elite learning community
  5. Enhance your career path
  6. Deliver exceptional, meaningful training
  7. Network with other training professionals

Step 1

Train The Trainer Boot Camp Basic week
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Step 2

A-E Professional Development Assignment
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Step 3

Train The Trainer Advanced Week
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Step 4

Certification Exam
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Step 5

Develop A Training Program
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$800 in savings for members of The Training Institute
Become a member of The Training Institute

The programs are designed for people with at least two years of experience in the training and development field and with a deep knowledge of key components such as needs assessment, instructional design, training delivery and post training evaluation.

More Member Benefits

15% OFF InterAction Training Products
$800 OFF Certification Programs
Quarterly Webinar
Special Offers on Training Events and Materials

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