There's a Difference Between Training and Learning

Train the Trainer Advanced Week takes place in Houston, TX twice every year. Scroll down for upcoming sessions!

What is Train The Trainer Advanced Week?

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Train the Trainer Advanced Week is designed for Train the Trainer Boot Camp graduates who want to stretch their expertise and master the art of training. During Advanced Week you will spend time with Train the Trainer Boot Camp attendees and get hands on training experience. We will teach you techniques on conducting webinars, using pre- and post-testing, and building a learner guide. You will have a chance to act as a mentor, lead a team, manage an exercise and/or teach a topic.



What will I learn?

During Train the Trainer Advanced Week you will learn visual design practices that will help you significantly with learning retention and engagement. You will learn how to subtly draw attention where it’s most effective and leave with a wealth of expertise to master the PowerPoint and Word skills that will help you make stunning presentations and professional training manuals. Advanced Week attendees will also learn communication techniques and alternatives to a classroom environment so they can maximize learning retention.

Why does it work?

Train the Trainer Advanced Week builds on the solid foundations laid out by the Train the Trainer Boot Camp. It is built around the A-E Professional Development Model™, developed by Honey Shelton. Honey is a graduate of the School of Bank Marketing from the University of Colorado. She has a certification in Reality Therapy from the William Glasser Institute as well as certification from the Training and Development Program at Texas A&M. Additionally, Honey has over 30 years of experience consulting and presenting at over 600 clients across the country, including banks, credit unions as well as state banking-related associations. She spends time as a faculty member for banking schools and established The Training Institute.

Out of all these experiences and knowledge, Honey created the A-E Professional Development Model™. An engaging, learner-friendly model that takes a step-by-step approach to acquiring all the expertise and right tools to become an outstanding trainer and speaker.

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Meet your trainers

Honey Shelton - President
Honey Shelton

Honey has 30+ years of experience as a training and quality improvement consultant for banks and banking associations across the country. Nationally recognized as an outstanding speaker, more than a half million bankers have participated in her programs. You will surely enjoy how Honey’s knowledge, enthusiasm and compelling personality elevates your boot camp experience.

Janice Branch CBTP - Senior Training Consultant
Janice Branch, CBTP

Janice has been a Senior Training Consultant for InterAction Training for over twenty years. She is a Certified Bank Training Professional (CBTP) and a seasoned presenter that has all the right stuff to wow you. Janice has experience in managing, designing, coordinating and presenting training programs for audiences up to 1000 people. She infuses each training with humor, passion and commitment that make her an invaluable part of our team!

Maarten Cappaert - Director of Operations, Marketing and IT
Maarten Cappaert

Maarten is Director of Marketing and IT at InterAction Training. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Front-End Web Development. His skill-set makes Maarten uniquely qualified to teach you analytical skills, creative design, and technical know-how. Maarten also received an Excellence Award for consistently demonstrating leadership skills and the ability and willingness to help others.  

Why people love our boot camp

How much is it?

Our four day Train the Trainer Advanced Week costs just $1595. This includes an in-depth training manual and four tasty lunches. Members of The Training Institute pay only $1395. Become a member today for only $99/year or $200/3-years and immediately enjoy a $200 discount.

Other benefits of joining include a 15% discount in InterAction Training’s online store. Free access to The Training Institute’s quarterly webinars (a $276 value), and up to an additional $600 off if you decide to become a Certified Bank Training Professional or Certified Credit Union Training Professional.

Train The Trainer Advanced Week is part of the Bank or Credit Union Training Professional Certification. There are 5 steps to become a certified and recognized training professional.

Step 1

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Step 2

A-E Professional Development Assignment

Step 3

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Step 4

Certification Exam

Step 5

Develop A Training Program




  1. Complete InterAction Training’s Train the Trainer Boot Camp
  2. Complete and submit the A-E Professional Development Model™ assignment
  3. Complete InterAction Training’s Train the Trainer Boot Camp Advanced Week
  4. Pass a five-part knowledge exam of 100 multiple-choice questions
  5. Submit a training program including a leader guide that demonstrates the use of the A-E Professional Development Model.


  1. Elevate and validate your skills
  2. Complete a course of study you need and deserve
  3. Provide you with credentials that identify your expertise
  4. Become a part of an elite learning community
  5. Enhance your career path
  6. Deliver exceptional, meaningful training
  7. Network with other training professionals
CBTP - Certified Bank Training Professional
CCUTP - Certified Credit Union Training Professional
  • Stretch your expertise to master trainer status
  • Run a smooth webinar
  • Design pre- and post-training evaluations
  • Build a learner’s guide
  • Present a topic in front of a live audience
  • Prepare for the Certification Exam